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In 2017, while writing the Modern CTO book, Joel started interviewing CTOs.

These interviews turned into the Modern CTO Podcast creating a conversational atmosphere for leaders to share their experiences.

In 2018 we received a call that CTO of Microsoft Kevin Scott would be joining us as a guest and then the CIO of T-Mobile Cody Stanford. After these episodes aired came NASA, Verizon and before we knew it we had a waiting list for future guests.

Fast forward to today and the Modern CTO Podcast is the #1 Leadership & Tech Podcast in the world. Over 88k CTOs, Lead Developers, and rising tech leaders actively listen to the Modern CTO Podcast.

Our Team

Joel Beasley


Our Podcast Host. Joel extracts the best insights from practicing leaders and is the Author of Modern CTO Book, meet Joel.

[email protected]

Jaime Ferreyros


Jaime drives strategy and growth, while working on new business projects to grow the Modern CTO Community.
[email protected]

Mackenzie Trout

VP Sales

Our sales and new business go to! Mackenzie is our point of contact for new opportunities and customer satisfaction! 

[email protected]

Jake Smith

Executive Producer

Leading the production team, Jake oversees all aspects of Modern CTO Productions including audio/video, content and release schedule.

[email protected]

Chloe Ferguson

Sales & Marketing

Our Public Relation’s and Content rockstar. Chloe runs our social media strategy and is the point of contact for incoming opportunity. #dogMom
[email protected]

Adam Sage

Associate Producer

Adam produces the ModernCTO podcast episodes and videos, and does background research and show prep for each guest coming on the show.
[email protected]

Marisa Siino

Account Executive

Our passionate sales representative. Marisa is committed to connecting tech experts around the globe. 
[email protected]

Alex Batruin

Video Producer

Our cinematographer and video editor. Alex is responsible for editing our extensive video library.
[email protected]

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