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Joel explaining code structure.

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When talking with CTO’s, the same stories and lessons kept coming up over and over. So, Joel decided to write the Modern CTO book. As Joel outlined the book, he involved a number of CTO’s he had close relationships with. The conversations were engaging, intelligent and fun. He didn’t want them to stop.

These conversations turned into the Modern CTO Podcast. Much more than a podcast, Modern CTO’s are a collection of people who love what they do. Sharing knowledge, stories and bringing up the next generation of technology leaders.

Currently there are 70k CTO’s, Lead Developers, and rising tech leaders who actively listen to the Modern CTO Podcast.

Our Team

Joel Beasley
Our Podcast Host and Author of Modern CTO Book, meet Joel.
joel -at- modercto.io

Ginni Saraswati
Our Producing & Public Relation’s rockstar. Ginni Produces the most popular podcasts around including her own #1 Podcast in Australia.
producer -at- modercto.io

Jake Smith
Our brilliant Podcast junkie. Jake cuts the cast like champion. We all love Jake for the HD quality Audio experience and live streams.
jake -at- modercto.io

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