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In the book Modern CTO Joel covers what he learned in his role as a CTO from ground floor, as a single developer building “something cool”, to the CTO of a multi-million dollar company. The book covers topics from Joel’s experience:

  • Strategy – Should I hire, buy or outbuild my competitor?
  • Rewriting Systems – Abandon ship and build a better one.
  • Deadlines – How you keep from missing deadlines.
  • Managing – People do not work for money, people work for momentum.
  • Poor Code – Spaghetti code MVP Epidemic
  • Speaking Up – Take a risk and sound dumb
  • Product – Getting lost in the product: UX mistakes to watch out for.

… plus many more topics for the truly Modern CTO.

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About the Author

Joel Beasley

Joel began writing code at age 13 selling his first technology by age 18 for one million dollars. In his first three transactions, he developed key relationships and began working with Investors and Chief Technology Officers collaborating and building products in Real Estate, Law, Finance, and Fitness. Today, Joel is a Chief Technologist with clients from Startups up to Billion dollar companies. Joel maintains majority ownership of a highly selective App Development Firm Logic17. Joel has a clear vision and passion for modern technology, placing him as one of the most exciting Chief Technology Officers to watch out for.

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