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Joel hosting Modern CTO Podcast

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Fun. Engaging. Intelligent.

 ModernCTO is the place where CTOs hang out. Listen in on our weekly podcast while we hang out with interesting Fortune 500 CTOs in Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics + Many more industries. We have 72k listeners we are incredibly grateful to each and everyone one of you.

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Our Story

When talking with CTOs, the same stories and lessons kept coming up over and over. So, Joel decided to write the Modern CTO book. As Joel outlined the book, he involved a number of CTOs he had close relationships with. The conversations were engaging, intelligent and fun. He didn’t want them to stop. Keep reading


In the book Joel covers what he learned in his role as a CTO from ground floor, as a single developer building “something cool”, to the CTO of a multi-million dollar company. The book has been edited, formatted, and is now for sale on Amazon. Buy the Modern CTO Book.

Featured Topic: LeaderBits.io

A trend emerged when speaking with CTOs all over the world everyday. We need to take action on what we’ve learned versus forgetting. We need a way to make it fun to improve as leaders.

We’ve created LeaderBits – Leadership & Professional Development for Technologists. Complete challenges, gain experience, develop professionally, advance your career and become more valuable and in 10 minutes per week. LeaderBits

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