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Start with why

My why is simple, I want to bring you value. I’m a fan of Simon Sinek and I like to start with why. Why write the book Modern CTO and host the Podcast? Why do I share everything I know for free with everyone? Value. The more value I bring you, the more you like me. I like when people like me, they talk positively about me. Then, more people hear about what I’m doing. This isn’t about ego, it’s about effectiveness. Keep reading why


ModernCTO is the place where CTO’s hang out. Listen in on our weekly podcast while we hang out with interesting Fortune 500 CTO’s in Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics + Many more industries. Listen Now


In the book Joel covers what he learned in his role as a CTO from ground floor, as a single developer building “something cool”, to the CTO of a multi-million dollar company. We are in the final stages of editing the book (11/17) and will have the book completed in December 2017. The book will be released to Print + Audible as soon as PR people give the thumbs up! You can join the mailing list in the footer to pre-register for the Modern CTO Book.

Can’t wait for the book? Scroll down below to read some of Joel’s work.