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Modern CTO – Geek Night Out – World Tour

High Energy Geek Night Out. Highlights: Drone swarm light show sync’d with live DJ, Elon-musk-style Flamethrowers, Next-Gen Super Robots and big name speakers. See for yourself


When talking with CTO’s, the same stories and lessons kept coming up over and over. So, Joel decided to write the Modern CTO book. As Joel outlined the book, he involved a number of CTO’s he had close relationships with. The conversations were engaging, intelligent and fun. He didn’t want them to stop. Keep reading


ModernCTO is the place where CTO’s hang out. Listen in on our weekly podcast while we hang out with interesting Fortune 500 CTO’s in Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics + Many more industries. Listen Now


In the book Joel covers what he learned in his role as a CTO from ground floor, as a single developer building “something cool”, to the CTO of a multi-million dollar company. We’ve finished editing the book (1/19) and is now in formatting. The book will be released to Print + Audible as soon as PR people give the thumbs up! You can join the mailing list in the footer to pre-register for the Modern CTO Book.

Can’t wait for the book? Scroll down below to read some of Joel’s work.