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What makes us unique.

We don’t interrupt with pre and mid roll ads. Instead we bring your audience value with Natural Endorsements, Guest Evangelists and Social Spotlight.

The Modern CTO Network is the place you want to be. Rated #1 Podcast in the world for Technology and Leadership. With over 88,000 subscribers and growing. 

Our audience consists of CTOs, CIOs, Lead Engineers and Developers as the next generation of tech leaders. Over 
140M minutes have been listened to since we launched in 2017.

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Is Podcast Advertising right for my brand?  

Podcasting creates a deeply connected, engaged audience, because of the personal attachment listeners form with the hosts. We structure our show with relevant content specifically based on feedback from our audience helping our listeners to stay connected and loyal.

Our audience enjoys hearing about new products and technology in an open forum focused on practical details. Listeners tell us our style makes them feel like they are “in the room.”

Our podcasts provide a uniquely effective way to reach C-Suite technology decision makers and Lead Engineers. Unlike web pages or video, podcasts can be enjoyed almost anywhere: during a commute, on an airplane, while working out, or even mowing the lawn.

Reach your tribe

When you market with Modern CTO, you aim with laser precision. Your value proposition, technical innovation, or solution to a problem is delivered to our audience of decision makers, maximizing your chance to gain mind share and win a potential customer.

Reach out to us if you’d like to create brand awareness and generate strong leads.

Your podcast episode will leverage our subscriber base, social media, newsletters, blogs, and word of mouth to reach a large audience with a modest effort on your part. Recording a podcast requires just a few hours of your time to organize logistics, plan content, and then select and prepare speakers. It takes less than 90 minutes to record the show over the Internet–no travel or hotels necessary.

How much will this opportunity impact your budget? Less than you think. Contact us for a quote!

Let’s connect.

We are more than just “Ad Spend” we are a true partner that will help you achieve your goals. Reach out and we’ll discuss your needs to understand how we can bring you value.

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