Introducing the Modern CTO Geek Night Out World Tour

Technology event featuring drones, world renowned geek celebrities and next-gen super robots.


Founder of Modern CTO, Joel Beasley, is set to host Geek Night Out – an inspiring 90 minute high energy, technology show targeting the next generation of entrepreneurs, technologists, and engineers. Says Joel “For one night only, we will transform the college stadium into a tech paradise.”

Starting late spring 2018, Geek Night Out will take place at 16 designated universities over the course of a year, including: New York, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Seattle, Toronto, Stockholm, London, and more!

Geek Night Out will be live streamed to every university and online for the world to see. Live streams will be all open sourced.

Highlights of this exciting event

  • An opening drone light show where the drones are synced with modern music mixed by a live DJ. A monster aerial drone flies around and gets shots of the crowd – which will show on the media screen.
  • A special guest interview with a world renowned celebrity geek – #HighProfile, #ThinkBig.
  • Advice from local technologists, CTO’s, and engineers who are popular locally. They will share valuable insight and advice to the next generation.
  • Amazingly advanced next-gen super robots and technology. Think the likes of Cassie and Boston Dynamics.
  • Closing high energy drone show finale.

Geek Night Out will also feature fun, intelligent and engaging commentary and banter between the host, special guest and the roboticists; announcements of the winners of Hardware Hack and Software Hack competition; Elon-Musk-style flamethrowers (dependent on the safety officer of the venue); the contest winners will get to introduce and shoot the flamethrower.

Register now, don’t wait

Students and technologists interested in attending Geek Night Out should complete their pre-registration at to ensure their spot. Tickets are free and going fast!

About Modern CTO

Joel Beasley, founder of Modern CTO, is an MIT Educated Chief Technologist with clients from Startups to Billion dollar companies. He has recently authored his first book entitled Modern CTO and maintains majority ownership of a highly selective App Development Firm Logic17. Joel is the Host of the Modern CTO Podcast the #1 CTO Podcast for Start-ups to Fortune 500 CTO’s. For more information visit his website:

Speakers From

Our Audience: Mentality & Values

Next Gen Engineers and Entrepreneurs
Computer Science Students
Start-Up Founders / Co-Founders
Brightest Engineers
Next Gen Entrepreneurs & Technologists
Best Practices / Lean / Relatable
Cash Flow Positive Mindset
High Quality HD Code and Execution
“Do it right the first time!”
New & Experienced Developers (tdd, dry, srp)
Lean, Driven, Hungry for success
Always Learning
Ability to identify and take 10x action
Keep customer close to product
Cash Flow focused, not “next round” mindset
Understand how to bring value to a market

Tour Locations & Dates

Meet the Creators

The team who invisioned the Modern CTO Geek Night Out
*20 additional team members make this tour possible. Contact us for full list of team members.

  • Joel Beasley

    Author & Host of Modern CTO

  • Jacqui McGovern

    Public Relations & Booking

  • Jake Smith

    Podcast Producer

  • Michelle Wollenberg

    Tour Coordinator

  • Aria Beasley

    Chief Cuteness Officer

  • Modern CTO World Tour Live Pre-Registration

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