Crafting Company Culture: Local, Remote & Hybrid

A guide to intentionally crafting company culture. Culture within a team or organization as a whole is no easy feat. Like anything in life it’s best to leverage the experience of others on your journey. That is why I’ve created this guide. You’ll learn in this step-by-step guide exactly how to craft your company culture: local, remote, or hybrid.

Remote: Work From Home Depression

Work from Home Depression – A guide to keeping sane when working from home. With remote jobs on the rise, so is depression. It’s one of the most common struggles of even the most successful remote workers. You’ll learn step-by-step exactly how to annihilate remote work from home depression.

Stressed Tech Exec: From Chaos to Certainty

Being a technology executive is incredibly stressful. Missing deadlines, systems crashing, unhappy non-technical people in bad moods. This can be a true and dark reality for many CTOs, VPs of Engineering and Product managers. Backlog is building, stories and tickets are overwhelming and piling up. Deadlines are looming yet again. Slack and other messenger notifications are distracting you. What is your next move? How do you calm this sea of chaos and get the ship under control? This is exactly why I crafted this step-by-step guide for stressed technology executives to go from chaos to certainty.

Hiring a CTO

It’s time for a CTO. Maybe this is your first CTO or you are changing things up. Possibly you are a CTO who has decided you enjoy the product development, architect role as your company is expanding. Whatever the situation maybe, it’s time to hire a CTO. The quality of the individual you’ll need for this position will vary greatly based on the current state of your organization. This is exactly why I’ve crafted and refined this step-by-step guide to hiring a CTO.

Strategy: First 90 Days as a CTO

You are an experienced CTO but you’ve accepted a new position. Fresh faces, new problems to solve, excitement is in the air. What is your plan to succeed? Fail to plan, plan to fail. You need a strategy to execute immediately. This guide will walk you step-by-step through developing your strategy for your first 90days as a CTO.

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