Today we’re talking to Noah Cantor, Tech Leadership Coach & Advisor. Noah discusses his evolution from tech expert to leader, emphasizing adaptability and the blend of technical and soft skills. He underscores the tech industry’s dynamic nature and the key to leadership success: learning and empathy. This episode is a must-listen for those aiming to navigate the tech leadership landscape effectively.

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About Noah Cantor

I work with executives and technology leaders who want their organisations to do better. I am a coach and technology leader who has spent 20+ years in and around technology, working with technical folks and leaders, and providing coaching and mentoring to people at all levels of an organisation.

I bring a unique mix of skills, combining people, technology, and systems thinking, that makes me well-suited to helping people better understand themselves and their environments.

Over the years, I have helped numerous companies who were faced with seemingly intractable problems: people who appeared unwilling to change; technical debt that couldn’t be tackled; work that was always late; software that was always full of bugs; leadership teams who couldn’t agree on which problems to solve; organisational priorities that made sense to the people who put them together but still created irreconcilable conflicts. In every one of these cases, there’s a key point or two which lead to the friction and what look like a myriad variety of problems. Being able to identify the key point, help everybody understand it, and then work together to solve the challenge is where I shine.

Joel Beasley

Joel Beasley founded the Modern CTO Podcast in 2017 while writing his book, the Modern CTO book, with the goal of interviewing CTOs and sharing their experiences with others in the tech community.

Joel’s conversational style and insightful questions quickly gained traction, attracting high-profile guests such as Microsoft’s CTO, Kevin Scott, and T-Mobile’s CIO, Cody Stanford. With each episode, the podcast’s popularity continued to grow, and soon, Joel found himself with a waiting list of future guests.

Today, the Modern CTO Podcast has become the number one leadership and tech podcast in the world, with over 150k active listeners, including CTOs, lead developers, and rising tech leaders. Joel’s commitment to creating a conversational atmosphere for his guests to share their experiences has inspired a new generation of leaders and innovators.

As the success of the podcast grew, Joel founded ProSeries Media, a podcast production company that helps companies worldwide create their own podcasts. With a team of producers, content creators, and podcast bookers, ProSeries Media produces over ten shows, providing a platform for companies to connect with their audience and share their expertise.

Through his work on the Modern CTO Podcast and ProSeries Media, Joel Beasley has become a respected voice in the tech industry, inspiring others to share their knowledge and insights with the wider community. His passion for creating engaging content that informs, inspires, and entertains has made him a sought-after speaker and advisor on all things tech.

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