Enterprise Connect Conference Orlando Florida 2018

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Our journey exploring EC2018!

The adventure started with our friend and fan of our podcast Varun from CallStats.io. Varun’s company came to Enterprise Connect 2018 all the way from Finland, home of metal music. #funFact Varun direct messaged me on Twitter asking if we were going to be in Orlando. Our office is based 2 hours south in Sarasota, FL. I checked with the team and we were all excited to meet Varun in person.

Interview – CallStats.io

The conference was in 3 days, short notice. I’m sitting in Tampa International Airport on my way to NYC for penetration testing. I quickly looked up the Press contact for Enterprise Connect and found Kimberly Samra. I immediately called up Kim, expressed interest, she performed her due diligence and we were granted access! The testing in Manhattan went fantastic, the system was deemed rock solid! I even got to meet two Ukrainian “security experts”, which is another story for another time.

Back in warm Florida, we all piled into the Jeep, and our Producer Jake, former Uber driver, chauffeured us up to Orlando. We arrived mid-morning to the Gaylord Palms Convention Center. Breathtaking venue, excellent weather, it was clear the conference curators were experienced. I came to find out this conference has been going on 27+ years.

We enter and instantly head for the Press area to check-in. And guess who is sitting behind the counter? Kim and her partner in crime! These two people are warm and welcoming, they resourced us with everything we could possibly need! Thank you Kim! I even managed to snag a picture with them. Now we are #famous.

All a bit hungry, we sat down to for a quick snack before hitting the Exhibit Hall. We happen to sit directly next to an interesting character by the name of Charles Denault from Wainhouse Research. Thank you for the lunch conversation Charles!

Fueled up and ready to take names, we hit the hall. First up we grabbed a pictured with this company named “Aria”. I don’t know what they do, but that is the name of my 6 month old daughter so I had to snag a pic for the wife.

A man with white hair and a loud voice caught my eye “Let me show you something amazing!”. A magician? Oh, I’ve got to see this. I flip out my iPhoneX and start recording, this guy was hilarious and his magic was… magical. He was representing Ttec and they really got an excellent magician. I recorded the whole thing and even slow-motioned it later, still couldn’t figure it out.

Magic was cool, but we needed technology value to bring to our audience. That’s when I saw the Intel Unite. What on earth is that? Love the drone swarms at the olympics and super bowl i’ve been seeing. Let’s talk to them! And that is when we met Dave Buchholz.

Interview – Intel Unite – Dave Buchholz

After meeting Dave we were back on the path of adventure and we stumbled upon the bright blue Zoom booth. I know Zoom, I use Zoom and it works. We’ve got to talk to Zoom. Wow did we have a great time. Yes, we even did a Beyonce dance at the end #waitForIt

Interview – Zoom – Heather Swan

Elated from the “Heather effect” my eye caught the API service I use to send texts, Twilio! I walked up and said “Who is your biggest geek, need your biggest geek”. They delivered Al Cook to me, the brain behind Twilio’s Flex. I come to find out that Twilio is much more than just a beautiful API for texting. In fact, they are raising the bar and innovating design patterns that will spread much further than just their current space. I’ll show rather than tell, check out the interview.

Interview – Al Cook – Twilio

We talked, a lot, so many great things happening at Twilio, so little time! We headed back to the Media area to grab another water and we ran into Matthew! Matthew came all the way from Sweden to cover the conference for Computer world. He wrote an excellent article on Microsoft. Microsoft lays out a Teams vision for intelligent communications

I enjoyed my conversation so much with Matthew I gave him the only copy of my book that I brought to the conference. I knew I had it for some reason, and who better to issue it to than another writer! Matthew, I got a photo of your badge but we didn’t get a photo together, we’ve got to right this wrong next year! Until then, I’ve compiled this to be an accurate representation of our encounter. 😂

Hydration achieved, onward! And now ladies and gentleman, the human who set off the series of events that made all this possible, our good friend Varun! Varun, I can’t thank you enough for reaching out on Twitter and bringing my awareness to the event. It was an incredible pleasure to get to meet you!

Thank you to all of our new friends Kimberly, Dave, Varun, Heather, Charles, Allister, Al, and Matthew!

Joel Beasley

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