Bouncing back from unforeseen constraints

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I love unforeseen constraints. Why? Constraints force me to be creative.

When I build a new technology product or work with an entirely new new team, ideal results are rare on the first try. It’s a process to be worked, not a switch to be flipped. I take a flexible, life-scientist style approach of trial-error-selection-variation. That way, when unforeseen constraints arise, I adapt and handle them with ease.

Poor piano

I’ve mentioned before I enjoy Tim Harford’s TED talks. In this one, he tells an awesome story about how Vera Brandes, a 17 year old German concert promoter, set up a special piano event at the Cologne Opera House. By mistake, a clunker practice piano was provided for the show.

For world renowned jazz musician Keith Jarrett an old, crappy instrument wasn’t what he expected at all. Still, he decided to play. He summoned all his determination and creativity out of that beaten down backstage piano. The final outcome was the most famous jazz concert ever recorded.

As Harford tells it:

“Within moments it became clear that something magical was happening. Jarrett was avoiding the faulty upper registers, he was sticking to the middle tones of the keyboard, which gave the piece a soothing, ambient quality. But also, because the piano was so quiet, he had to set up these rumbling, repetitive riffs in the bass. And he stood up twisting, pounding down on the keys, desperately trying to create enough volume to reach the people in the back row.

It’s an electrifying performance. It somehow has this peaceful quality, and at the same time it’s full of energy, it’s dynamic. And the audience loved it. Audiences continue to love it because the recording of the Köln Concert is the best-selling piano album in history and the best-selling solo jazz album in history.”

Mindset makes the difference

Think about it. Something goes wrong or an unexpected constraint appears. If my reaction is negative, it affects me and my team. But if I consider the constraint as part of the process, I can step back and look at the constraint as an opportunity for creativity.

What should you do?

Are you in the process of bouncing back? It might not be clear exactly what to do and this can be tricky. The people at the top in life are always working, growing and improving with the help of others. It’s how you got to where you are, and it’s how you will get up through the next stage on your journey.

I have experience that you can leverage. If you don’t use me, use someone else. The point is for you to get what is on your mind resolved immediately, don’t wait. Set an appointment with me and tell me about your situation so I can help. Click this link to reach out. Something else on your mind? Whatever you need, I’m here. Life is meant to be done together, just reach out.

Joel Beasley

Joel began writing code at age 13 selling his first technology by age 18 for one million dollars. In his first three transactions, he developed key relationships and began working with Investors and Chief Technology Officers collaborating and building products in Real Estate, Law, Finance, and Fitness.

Today, Joel is a Chief Technologist volgging the process of building a company Joel is an author of the book Modern CTO a #1 New Release on Amazon and a #1 Technology Podcast with 70k active listeners. Joel has a clear vision and passion for modern technology, placing him as one of the most exciting Chief Technology Officers to watch out for.

Joel is the President of a charity that designs STEM related children’s books Back to the Moon and Princess Physicist. These books are then donated to orphanages, homeless pregnant woman and in-need children. Beasley Foundation was formed in February 2017 after Joel, Mitch and Valerie lost their Mother to Leukemia after being diagnosed 6 weeks earlier. Joel and his siblings wanted to do something unique with her life insurance money and the Beasley Foundation was formed.

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