Today we are talking to Bill Tingle, the CTO at PODS. And we discuss the importance of communicating your value, When to lead and when to follow and why holding on to certainties is limiting and dangerous.

All of this, right here, right now, on the Modern CTO Podcast!

Bill Tingle joined PODS in January 2016 and brings over 25 years experience leading the development of complex, scalable, business applications and infrastructure.  Prior to joining PODS, Bill was CTO of Skejul Inc., a St. Louis based tech startup. From 1996 to 2015 Bill was Vice President of Information Technology at Enterprise Holdings, Inc. (Enterprise/National/Alamo car rental).  In this role he led the delivery of transformative capabilities in digital, web, mobile, analytics, supply chain and cloud computing.

Bill’s passion for engaging customer experience and responsive service delivery contributed to significant customer service improvements.  Prior to Enterprise, Bill was a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young LLP where he helped the firm build their Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence practice. Early in his career, he developed software for Boeing airplane cockpit displays and guidance software for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile. Bill has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale.


  • First time Joel became a team leader.  Addicting being able to solve the problem
  • Amazing what you can accomplish with a team and other people
  • Engineering side is dependent on network relations and people.  So is the sales and business side
  • When to lead vs when to follow?
  • Understanding vs Knowledge.  Knowledge is the ability to produce and act and an outcome
  • Bill started young, his father was in business. Father was raised by 2 deaf parents.  Father played college football and got a degree in chemistry. Started a janitorial business.  Bills first job was picking up cigarette butts. Was running cleaning crews at a very young age. Looks back at how he was demonstrating leadership.
  • Overtime he has gravitated towards leadership.  Loves to code but kept getting put in management positions.
  • Understood what Done meant.  Something that software struggles with. What is the definition of Done? Right now building a new system.  Has to start with the human who is going to be touching the system. Krug book – don’t make me think.
  • Talking about Modern CTO book.  Perfect is the enemy of good.
  • Talking about MVP.  Where’s the utility?
  • How did you find PODS?  Worked at Enterprise Rental car for 20 years. Wanted a bit more variety. Started talking to recruiters and networking. Made a trip to San Francisco.
  • Got a call from a recruiter and heard Clearwater and was looking for warmer weather
  • Ancestry DNA – Where are you from? Family is from Wales a little bit of german.
  • Father studied genealogy – pre IBM computers.
  • Most well prepared guest ever.  Building a learning culture
  • Perturbation – Nervous systems response to an external reaction  –
  • Book they study is the Tree of Knowledge- Book on Biology
  • People hold on to certainties about things and it’s very dangerous and very limiting
  • Being aware of blind spots
  • Why does time fly? As you age you experience less newness
  • One of the things that stood out – Help employees rise above this cloud paycheck mystery.  Make it clear what the value is. One of the challenges he finds is speaking to people in a way that they aren’t really understanding what he’s saying.
  • If you’re in the elevator with the CEO and he asks what do you do?
  • How do you help people fit in to the company?
  • Mission statement is giving your customers a piece of mind
  • Beginning to focus on the commercial sector
  • Selling space and time – Convenience
  • Pods Technology is about 70 employees and about 70 contractors
  • Scarf – David Rock.  Neuro-Leadership institute
  • Can be triggered to fight or flight.  Think about motivating people, you can shut them down or open them up Status Certainty Autonomy Relation Fairness
  • If you can’t hold your visions statement in mind then it doesn’t exist
  • Fairness is about consistency.
  • Does Peak 8 Running on the treadmill
  • Bill played guitar with a friend in Nashville.  Talking about how recording
  • Back to beast audio
  • Motivation is ephemeral
  • The importance of bringing passion and creativity in to corporate environment. The Corporate Artist.
  • Creating an environment where you have their back
  • Spend time taking action instead
  • Bill asks what’s your number one purpose in life to Joel – Helping and teaching people.  Selfishly altruistic.
  • Jim Roan talk.  How to get organized, how to treat people.  Influence. How to trigger people to action.
  • Advice to first time leaders.  Find the people who are doing what you aspired to do.  Look for their accomplishment. Look for the person they are.  And then on a non stop basis look for ways to help them help them help them
  • How we value ourselves and how we value others.  The value of joel isn’t just joel it’s joel’s network.  Your network is money.
  • Specific ways to ask for help – Joel
  • If someone says how can I say how can I help you?  It puts the burden on the person to figure out what you can do to help.  Figure out their needs and make a plan.
  • Look for ways that your help is valuable to them

Joel Beasley

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