5 reasons why investors feature creep your pitch

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I’ve been in the position more than once. Raising money, meeting with investors pitching them on the technology. Their mind goes wild thinking of all the uses other than the excellent use i’ve chosen to apply the technology to. “Oh and we can do this!” “Oh and we can do that!” Getting off track and distracted or frustrated is the easiest thing to do. You don’t want to tell them no. Here are the things that have happened to me in hindsight.

Distracted by the shiny object
Yes, this has happened. Their energy and enthusiasm for the various application consumed me. I fully lost track of the original vision and leaped down the rabbit hole.

Frustrated and Stubborn
I’ve lost the deal because “they don’t see my vision”. I’d become angry or frustrated in the multiple directions they latch onto. I’d mentally check out of the whole deal and move on to the next investor or become depressed.

Have you ever experienced this? You are not alone my friend. What changed for me? How did I deal with this? Most importantly Why does this seem to happen with every investor?

Psychology of why

To understand new concepts our brain fires off our neural networks. Wrapping our minds around an idea to achieve understanding requires significant processing power. When I’m traveling some place new, lets say driving up to a cabin on the top of the mountain. The trip up seems to take forever the first time, incredibly slow. Then when coming back from the store later in the trip I seem to effortlessly zip up the mountain. This is because it’s not new, our mind isn’t working as hard to process new input.

Just like the initial mountain ascent, it takes a bit longer to first fully understand the idea. While going up the mountain for us my look like simply pressing on the accelerator of the car, this is exactly what happens to the individual. They are pushing on the accelerator of their mind, speeding up to understand. Just like a car the faster you go the more out of control you get.

I’ll bring it down to a lower level for a minute.

The investors are seeking and searching, out explore and learn. This is what all people will do to understand, everyone has slight variations of this, including you! Now we understand their idea generation and deviation is simply the dance they go through to achieve understanding of the idea. Let’s discuss how to direct their energy, and go through the process with them so that it doesn’t end in us being distracted by the conclusion they achieve understanding or frustration on our end.

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